What Are Your Life Insurance Options if You Are Over 50?

If you’re looking to provide some funds for your family after you die, you’re probably looking into getting some sort of life insurance. Picking the right policy can be confusing though, with so much on offer, and so many different companies to choose from.

Factors that Impact Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance can be impacted by a number of details, all of which can shape the final cost you’re likely to pay. Some of these include, but aren’t limited to; age, sex, current health and lifestyle.

The other factor that determines the price of life insurance policies is the actual policy you choose. There are many different types of policies, all of which hold their own merits and downfalls.

Level Term Insurance Policies

These policies are policies in which payouts are made available on death. The payment made will remain the same as it originally was throughout the entire policy.

Increasing Term Policies

These policies change in value as time goes on. This means that they might change in value by a 5% increase, every year, whilst also accommodating for inflation. A great plan choice if you’ve just turned 50, this policy will allow for you to insure yourself for a long period of time, and not have to worry about the changes in prices, reducing the value of your policy.

Decreasing Term Policies

These follow a different style to what has just been mentioned, in that they do something opposite in nature. These policies tend to fall in value each year, and will continue to do so until they reach a value of zero

Convertible Term Policies

This policy allows for you to make amendments to any current policies you may have when it comes to life insurance. These are great since they don’t depend too much on your current health, though if you’re like to be charged higher premiums as a result.

Renewable Term Policies

This policy, as the name suggests, gives you the chance to make a renewal once the policy expires. This policy will allow for renewals to be made regardless of your health. It is key however, that you take the time to ensure your policy will allow for you to renew at the ages you’re looking to get this done, as some may not let people renew post the age of 65.

Your Other Options

Though the policies mentioned tend to have a focus on fixed terms, you can also get policies that are designed to cover people for their entire life. These policies payout once the policy holder has died, ensuring a payout to the beneficiaries at the time of death.

Life Insurance : Doing What’s Needed

Life insurance is something we’ll all have to arrange at some point. Knowing where to get started though is something none of us were taught. Finding the right policy however, doesn’t need to be a challenge, and by making sure you’ve researched what’s best for you, there’s no worry about your loved ones having any financial issues once you’re no longer here.

If you’d like to find out more when it comes to life insurance, especially if you’re over age 55, you can do some research on websites such as, where you’ll be able to find out what steps can be taken in order to get yourself insured properly, without facing some of the most common issues that affect people seeking life insurance.

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