Smartphone Apps that allow you to maintain a budget

For the average citizen, maintaining a budget is extremely elusive.  One month you might be able to perfectly settle into a pattern with very little to deal with in the way of problems, then, out of nowhere things go off track the very next month.  If you find it nearly impossible to develop and uphold a budget the traditional way (using a pen, paper and your own self-determination) why not look for help from an app?  Yes, believe it or not there are specific smartphone apps which can actually help you stay on track with your budget.  Let’s examine a few of them, shall we?


First off we have Expenditure, which is an app sold through the iTunes store for a paltry $1.99.  In a nutshell, Expenditure allows you to quickly and effortlessly add new expenses to your budget while providing additional options for both tracking as well as visualizing just how much cash you have to work with each month.  Moreover, this app features a built-in currency converter which should be perfect for those who regularly do business on an international level.


For only $5 you can download Saver, which is relatively simple and straightforward app that allows you to keep track of expenses and even provides you with instant pie charts (the visualization really helps some people).  Additionally, there are 15 separate categories which you can link to specific purchases and you can even review purchases on a daily, monthly or weekly basis as well.


Simply put, iReconcile is an app that is literally packed with features which many will find useful on both a personal as well as business level.  For only $2.99 you can download this handy app and begin organizing your budget and life right away.  Perhaps one of the more interesting facets of this app is the rollover feature, which automatically adds any left over funds from a previous month to the subsequent one.  You also have extensive reports and even a back-up / synching service which you can opt into as well, which makes iReconcile a very handy tool for really nailing down tricky budgeting issues with virtually no fuss on your part.


Last, but certainly not least, we have Mint which is a completely free budgeting app for smartphones.  Calling Mint a budgeting app is a bit misleading actually because it’s so much more than that.  What makes it so unique is its ability to link directly to all of your banks as well as lending institutions, meaning that you can control all of your finances from one handy portal.  Aside from the obvious benefits associated with such a system, this method of tracking personal and business expenses means that you are more or less fully automated and don’t have to spend any additional time manually tracking expenses.  Furthermore, mint automatically creates charts which outline where your money is actually going in an easy-to-understand format.

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