Make Huge Savings on Home Appliances By Keeping The Going For Longer

One of the major expenses when you own your house is home appliances. Items like refrigerators, ovens and washing machines don’t come cheap. If you need to replace one, or even just repair one, it can cost you money that you can’t afford to spend. Everyone wants to put off replacing their major appliances for as long as possible, to avoid the huge costs. And there are several things that you can do to keep your appliances going for longer. From following the care advice in the manufacturer’s manual to doing your own repairs, you can easily put off having to buy a new appliance for years.

Fridge and Freezer Care


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Refrigerators and freezers can last over a decade if you look after them properly. One of the things you can do to maintain a fridge is to dust the compressor coils every six months. You’ll usually find these in the back or bottom of your fridge. Dusting the coils will help them to remove the heat from your fridge effectively. Keep an eye on the doors’ rubber gaskets too, which keep the cold inside your fridge and freezer. They need to be tightly sealed, and you should keep them clean and dry. Use soap and warm water to wash them and dry them with a soft towel. Be careful not to put too much in your fridge too. You don’t want to risk blocking airflow inside.

Washing Machines


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Most people see a washing machine as an essential appliance. While they can live without a dishwasher, a lack of a washing machine means frequent trips to the nearest laundrette. You can get your washing machine to last you at least a decade; buy a top loader if you want it to last longer. Replace brittle plastic hoses with steel clad ones to make them last longer and find Whirlpool parts for your model if you need to make any other repairs. Don’t forget to clean out the lint tray and never overfill your machine past its recommended capacity. You should also be careful with the door – don’t slam it closed, or you could break the switch.



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Dishwashers can also last nearly a decade. Preventing leaks is key to making sure your dishwasher survives to its maximum potential. To do this, keep the door gaskets and bottom edge clean with water and bleach. Keep the pumps and spray arms clear of any debris and keep the machine clean of anything that could clog up the drain.



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You need to clean electric stovetops often, or a buildup of dirt will overwork them. Gas hobs will last longer than electric ones, but you still need to keep them clean. Wipe regularly around the hobs so that the ports don’t get clogged. Be careful not to get water in the igniter. Clean the grills with soapy water as well, so they continue to heat up.

As well as cleaning, see if you can do any repairs yourself. Be careful with electrics, gas and water systems, but research the possibility of doing repairs yourself before calling someone in.

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