How To Save Money When Selling Your Home

The process of moving home is thoroughly exciting. However, the buying part is easily more fun than the selling.

Getting rid of the current home poses many dilemmas. Firstly, not being able to sell it could delay your plans for starting the next chapter in your life. Additionally, there are a lot of costs involved that could quickly ruin your dream of finding the perfect new home.

Here’s how you can ease the financial strain without causing a negative impact.



Become Your Own Agent

One of the most noticeable fees that you’ll encounter is the estate agency fee. While they do earn their money, progressions in technology mean you can probably do the work yourself.

Nowadays, most homebuyers now search online rather than the shop window. Placing an advert on Real Hot Property is a much cheaper option than using the normal estate agent, and could show the home to a much larger audience.

Likewise, you can arrange viewings yourself. If you’re busy at work, you could always allow a trusted family member to show the potential buyer around.

Shop Around For Solicitors

While you might be able to cut the estate agents out of the equation, there’s absolutely no doubt that you need the solicitor. The last thing anybody wants is to become entangled in a legal battle, especially when there’s such an important asset at stake.

However, you can save money in this area too. You’ll be amazed at the difference in prices offered by different firms. Finding the balance between quality and cost is crucial.

If you want value for money, you might be able to haggle on the price too. When it comes to finding the right solicitor, cost shouldn’t be your primary concern. Nonetheless, saving money is always important. Don’t get taken for a ride.



Sell Unwanted Items

During the process of moving, there is a good chance you will need to use a self-storage company at some stage. While these are fantastic facilities, you shouldn’t pay for more than you need.

Moving home is a brilliant opportunity to reorganise your life. Rather than taking accumulated junk to the new home, it’s better to sell them now. You’ll be saving the hassle of transporting them into storage while also earning a little extra cash too.

Best of all, you’ll have a little extra space when it comes to entering the new home.

Time The Sale Right

Depending on your situation and circumstance, you may not have too much choice about when you start looking to sell. However, it’s believed that springtime is the best time to list your property for sale.

Homeowners are more likely to buy a home in the spring or summer months. Maybe this is due to not wanting the hassle of moving around the holidays. Whatever the reason, it’s an important thing to know.

The longer your property is on the market, the more money it will set you back. Besides, potential buyers might start questioning why it didn’t sell quicker. Selling at the right time might not just save money, it might encourage a bigger sale price too.


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