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How to Make Sure You Can Pay Your Pet’s Vet Bills

Britain is a nation of pet lovers. We care deeply for our dogs, cats and various other animals. Many of us would do anything for our furry (or not so furry) friends. However, pets can be expensive, and you can’t always predict your financial situation. You may get a pet when you’re financially very comfortable. But later you could find yourself struggling for money. Anything can happen to your pet too. One day they might be completely healthy, and the next they could be ill or injured. Taking them to the vet can leave you with a huge bill that you might struggle to pay. Here are some of the top ways you can make sure you can meet your pet’s needs.

Pet Insurance

One of the best ways you can ensure you can pay for your pet’s care is to take out insurance. You’ll still have to pay a certain amount towards their vet’s bills. But it should stop you having to pay thousands of pounds. Insurance will help you if your pet develops a long-term illness or if they have an accident that requires surgery. Some veterinary procedures and medications can be extremely expensive. So you’ll be glad to have the protection of insurance if anything happens.


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Emergency Fund

Even though pet insurance will help, it won’t pay for everything. Saving an emergency fund will help you pay for anything your insurance won’t cover. It’s not useful just for vet bills but also for a variety of other things. You can use it to pay for home repairs, school costs and any other unexpected expenses. If you don’t already have one, start setting aside some money just for this purpose. It could be anything from a few hundred pounds to a couple of thousand. Just remember to replenish it every time you take some out.

Take Out a Loan

If you need to pay a bill right away and you don’t have the cash, consider taking out a loan. You should only do this if you’re employed and you’re sure you can pay it back. Look for a reputable company like Cashfloat Loans to help you out. Never borrow more money than you need. Create a plan for paying it back, putting the repayments into your budget to ensure you do. It’s a good idea to set aside money for repayment when you get paid, instead of banking on having it left over at the end of the month.

Visit the PDSA

If you’re on a low income, you may qualify for help from the PDSA. This charity provides vet care for people who are on benefits such as housing benefit, council tax support or universal credit. It’s best to check whether you’re eligible and whether there’s a PDSA clinic near you before you need to use them. You can look on their website to find out if they can help you.

Looking after your pets is probably one of your top priorities. Make sure you can take care of them by having a plan in place, in case anything happens.


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