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Free money? Really?! Yes, it’s true.

There are hundreds of different ways to get “free” money for doing almost nothing, but before we talk about that, let’s talk about the ways you’re wasting money.

Understand Where You Waste Money

Every week, you’re probably spending money in places that you don’t need to be. You’re also probably wasting money on things that you don’t need, and you might be burning money away in places that you don’t even expect. Debt is one of the most worrisome things for people around the world, so it’s never a bad idea to take control of your spending.

One of the easiest ways to manage your finances is to budget. Record your weekly income and write down every expense for that week. Leave no stone left unturned. If you bought a cheeky chocolate bar when you went to pick up the daily newspaper, or if you bought a large meal at your local fast food chain instead of a regular, you need to record every single expense.

Once you’ve successfully done that for a week (or even just a day) you’ll have a much easier time understanding where and how your money goes to waste. If you’re buying premium branded items, then consider if you actually need to spend the extra money. Take tissues for example. If you buy simple boxed tissues that are branded, then consider if they’re any better than supermarket varieties that cost a tenth of the price. If you’re just blowing your nose or cleaning up spills, then do you really need expensive tissues? Do you really want to dry your hands with money?

Do You Really Need to Spend Money?

Another good method of budgeting is to separate your expenditures into necessary things and luxuries. Let’s say you just bought a new video games console—did you really need that? Entertainment is important for everyone, but does it offer better entertainment for that value than say, just playing some mobile games on your smartphone? There are things in life that we just “want” if we have the money. A new computer, a new television screen, a new car—buying these things makes us feel happy for a short amount of time, but are they going to be as useful as cheaper alternatives in the long run?

Here’s a good example. Let’s say you want to eat more healthily, so you decide to look online for some healthy recipes or videos. You come across the latest health food trend: spiralizing. You look on Amazon and the latest spiralizer only costs about £40. In addition to buying some healthy foods, the equipment itself and changing your eating habits, you’re looking to spend around £60 as an upfront cost to getting more healthy.

But do you realise how silly this sounds? You’re changing the way you eat vegetables with a £40 device that’ll need cleaning, maintenance and occasionally upgrading when the blades dull. Not only does it take more time and effort to operate than just using a knife to chop up some vegetables, it requires extra cleaning after you’re done with it. It will just become a novel piece of kitchen equipment that you keep around to play with or to impress guests, so it’s not the most practical investment in the world if you want to live a healthier lifestyle—you’re potentially throwing money away just to motivate yourself to eat more healthily.

Now You’re Not Wasting Money, Here’s How to Get Free Money

Some people might argue that nothing in this world is ever free, but that’s silly. If you opened your wallet and gave a £10 note to someone and waved them goodbye, isn’t that giving away free money? This is exactly what some websites like Amazon.

Amazon runs regular promotions for additional gift card balance. By topping up your Amazon gift balance a certain amount (usually £50 or £100) Amazon will award you with a one-time extra of £10. Yes, Amazon will literally give you £10 for free! offers very similar promotions, where you can get bonuses for depositing cash to play at their live casinos. While gambling itself can be seen as quite wasteful, if you’re going to gamble anyway for recreation then you might as well snatch up some extra cash in the form of bonuses.

The internet is filled with all sorts of deals like this that will give you money for almost nothing. You might have to scour the internet or look up specific websites that specialise in deals and offers, but you’ll be able to find a bargain within a couple of minutes, or a website that will give you money in return for using their services or buying from them instead of a competitor.

Get Money For Doing the Things You Love

Do you love shopping? Then why not sign up for a free loyalty card at your favourite retailers? Sure, they might not be offering you cash up front, but frequent purchases at places that support reward schemes will net you tonnes of points that you can save up to spend on discount vouchers, special rewards or even redeem for cash.

If you love big purchases, then how about signing up for a new bank? There are many banks around the world that offer you cash bonuses just for signing up for them. You might think that having several bank accounts is a hassle, but you don’t really have to touch them or do anything to them on a regular basis. In fact, most banks don’t really care if you are inactive. You could even use several bank accounts as a way to hide cash or to have secret savings for a rainy day.

If you have a passion or hobby, then how about transferring your knowledge or expertise to the internet? Many people have created businesses around blogs, and all it takes is for you to write a bunch of articles about subjects that you are passionate about. Some people have even turned blogging into their way of life, with annual incomes that stretch to six or seven figures depending on their influence. Free money for writing about things you love? Why not!

There are hundreds of different ways to get “free” money for doing almost nothing, but before we talk about that, let’s talk about the ways you’re wasting money.

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